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Permanent make up and why we are addicted…

When I started my permanent make up journey in 2016 I had no idea where this journey would take me. Now, six years later, almost 7, my work, my talent and my passion gets deeper and deeper every day. In 2016 I took my first Microblading course first of many to come. I knew immediately I was in love I had the opportunity to use my creativity, while making others look and feel great this then became my passion. My passion is making art while making people happy, seeing them smile is a beautiful gift.

I have a running joke with my clients “without the 90s and early 2000s my career probably wouldn’t be as amazing as it is.” Everyone thought it was a good idea to take their eyebrows off and rock the Kate Moss or Chola look, luckily for us we figured out that a full brow is the only way to go.

Eyebrows are definitely my passion, but right behind it comes everything else lip blushing, permanent eyeliner, freckles, scar, camouflage, hair - micro-pigmentation, fine line tattoos, and everything that comes to follow.

Now I would like to touch on the addiction to permanent make up and like most addictions it’s actually a great addiction. I would say 60% of my clients that come in for their eyebrows within weeks of their first appointment, they are booking their next treatment, whether it be lips, eyeliner, camouflage, etc. etc.

Reason being, they realize how nice it is to wake up with make up, well permanent make up that is. There’s something magnificent about going to sleep with a clean face and waking up looking as if you have already gotten ready. The beauty behind this is the time that you don’t have to invest every day.

As a make artist, I actually can get ready in the morning quite fast, but most women are not Makeup Artists and while it takes them a lot longer and the results may not be the look they are going for which can add more time to their morning routine.

For instance, mothers us moms have to manage our time very wisely or we fall behind in every aspect of life. So in my experience, there has been many clients of mine who are moms who just say screw it , I just won’t wear make up today. I don’t have time for makeup well pretty much I don’t have the time for myself, it’s not a priority. Another great example are athletes or regular gym goers. No one wants to leave the house barefaced, well maybe some people but I would say most women don’t. Especially when you’re going to the gym there’s so many reasons to not wear make up.

For these reasons, and many more so many clients of mine, women and men all ages, and through all walks of life decide to do trust me to help them get ready in the morning or before the gym. I  like to say, I manifested this for my clients starting before my permanent make up journey with spray tanning it gives you a natural glow making you feel like you did something to your skin without the risks of the sun while also the illusion of losing 10 lbs.

Everything California Glow Beauty has to offer including eyelash lifts, permanent make up, spray tans Botox and filler are all beauty enhancers that not only make our life easier but keep us looking and feeling amazing while doing it.

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