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The Importance of Researching Your Permanent Makeup Artist: Quality Over Price

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

When it comes to permanent makeup, finding the right artist is crucial. It’s a decision that will impact your appearance for a long time. Many individuals are tempted to opt for cheaper alternatives, but prioritizing quality over price is essential. In this blog, we’ll delve into the significance of researching the artist you choose for your permanent makeup and why investing in top-notch products and personalized care is the key to achieving the best results.

1. Expertise and Experience:

Researching your chosen permanent makeup artist allows you to gauge their expertise and experience. Shannon, for instance, boasts an impressive track record of nearly 10 years in the permanent makeup industry and has been a part of the beauty industry for almost 20 years. Her extensive experience means she can work with various skin tones and understands the intricacies of different pigments. She is a perfectionist when it comes to her clients, ensuring they receive exactly what they desire for their permanent makeup.

2. Quality Products:

Using high-quality products is a non-negotiable aspect of permanent makeup. Reputable artists like Shannon prioritize safety and invest in premium pigments and equipment. Shannon takes pride in using the best products in the market to ensure her clients’ safety and satisfaction with long-lasting results.

3. Avoiding Unwanted Consequences:

Going the cheaper route may seem like a cost-effective choice initially, but it can lead to regrettable consequences. Low-priced services might indicate the use of subpar products or lack of experience, increasing the risk of botched results or even health issues. With Shannon’s dedication to quality, her clients can rest assured that their permanent makeup experience will be free of unwanted consequences.

4. Client-Artist Relationship:

A successful permanent makeup experience goes beyond the procedure itself. Researching your artist allows you to gauge their dedication to their clients. Shannon, being a perfectionist, goes above and beyond to understand her clients’ preferences and provide them with the exact look they desire. She values building lasting relationships with her clients, making them feel comfortable and supported throughout the process.

5. Long-Term Satisfaction:

Investing in a reputable permanent makeup artist like Shannon ensures long-term satisfaction. Her nearly two decades of experience and attention to detail result in workmanship that stands the test of time. Clients can enjoy their enhanced features without worrying about premature fading or uneven pigmentation.


Choosing the right permanent makeup artist is an essential decision that can significantly impact your appearance and satisfaction with the results. Prioritizing quality over price ensures that you receive top-notch service from an experienced professional like Shannon, who is dedicated to providing exactly what her clients desire. So, do your research, invest in the best, and experience the transformative power of high-quality permanent makeup artistry – where clients become friends.

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