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Choose your artist wisely

Choosing a Microblading/permanent make up artist is extremely important. This art placed on your face will remain there for 2 to 3 years, unless you do laser removal and no one should have to endure that pain or the costs. It is so important to do your due diligence. Here are some tips from California Glow Beauty. First and foremost are they certified? Who certified them? Make sure to do your research on your artists work and reputation 🤍

1. Do they have a website? A website is a portfolio of the professionalism as well as their work, prices, and can lead you to their social media pages which leads you to their art.

2. Check their reviews on Google, Facebook and any other research you can find. This shows integrity from the artist.

3. Do you know someone who has used their services and can highly recommend them? This is a huge plus in all beauty Treatments especially Permanent Make up, as it is semi permanent.

4. Are they responsive to your messages, phone calls and comments? This shows professionalism.

5. Do they have before and after pictures? These images can show you a glimpse of what you have to look forward to or in an Unfortunate situation not look forward to.

6. Do they have artistic skills and abilities? Do they carry themselves and present themselves as an artist, permanent makeup artists are indeed artists and should be perceived as artists, so it’s important to make sure you see the passion in their artistry.

7. Do they use high-quality pigments, machines, blades and other tools? High-quality pigments and tools leave  High quality results.

8. Do they provide you with post-care or aftercare instructions and kit? This shows empathy and attention to the client.

9. Do they follow up with you after your procedure? This shows that they actually care about how you are feeling about this very amazing procedure.

10. Costs $$$

Notice how I put price at the dead end? It’s because when it comes to your eyebrows and health, price should not be top of mind! Be weary of those who market prices that are lower than industry standard. Often, these people have not been properly trained, they are not certified in microblading, they use cheap quality products, they reuse and do not sterilize their tools or have zero experience working on people.

If you wouldn’t go the cheap route when it came down to your health, why would you with your face? Your eyebrows are the most important feature on your face and making the wrong choice can cause you years of regret and


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