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The beauty of the "Powder Brow"

The beauty of powder brows, and why we love them so much powder brows are a semi permanent make up tattoo. They can look good on anyone’s face all shapes, shades personalities. Anyone can rock beautiful powder brow will, of course when it’s done right by your truly California Glow Beauty.

Powder are made small pixels, that all come together with a beautiful shade that matches your natural hair color. The technique I use at California Glow Beauty is one that is not damaging the skin and lasts 2 to 3 years. Although, I always tell my clients to try to come back before two years and just get a color refresher. Color pop gives the Brows that extra umppffff to look fresh again.

People often wonder what is the difference between powderbrows and Microblading. Micro blading, adds hair strokes to your eyebrows, giving them more depth. With a Microblading we use a micro blade and go superficially into the skin and create . While with powderbrows, we use a tattoo gun, a needle that also enters a second superficially and spreads small pixels throughout the eyebrow, giving it a make up look . Client nine times out of 10 leave the decision to me which of course all artists believe is the best choice. While both techniques are beautiful and have certain benefits choosing the right brow for you is based on skin type lifestyle and your wishes, of course.

Clients also wonder because powder brows are done with a tattoo machine does that make them permanent? Answer is no none of the permanent make up that I provide to. My clients is permanent. It’s actually semi permanent. The ink and the needle determine whether or not the tattoo gun will leave permanent or semi permanent results , I myself being a free spirit prefer semi permanent treatments because you never know when you might change your mind.

So are powder brows right for you? Contact me send me a picture tell me your goal and I’ll offer you my recommendation.

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